Everyone wants their new floors to last as long as they should, especially when it’s an investment. Many materials offer outstanding durability for a long lifespan, and some will be a perfect choice for your home.

If you’re preparing to shop for your new materials, we’ll help you find the perfect choices. Here are some facts you should know about flooring and lifespan.

Some products last longer than others

Regarding flooring types, some are created for extensive lifespans, and others are not. That's because some homeowners want to switch up their décor more often than others, and new floors can be a part of that remodel.

Products like wood, stone, and tile come with longer lifespans, ranging from 50 years to more than 100. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you want a more permanent flooring solution.

Care and cleaning are essential too

Another way to get the most from your new surfaces is to ensure they're clean. But it's also essential to use manufacturer-recommended cleaners and tools to provide an accurate and trustworthy result.

When spills or messes occur, take care of them immediately for the best results. Our flooring company offers products that can keep your surfaces stain-free and perform their best, and we can help with your product choices.

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